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Brunswick is a three-foot high yellow rodent. He is an extrovert, an innocent, an optimist and a pain in the butt. He attracts chaos like a sweater attracts lint, but is a remarkably good cordon bleu chef. He refuses to elaborate on his origins, but he is thought to be the only one of his species…the only one anyone can remember meeting socially, anyway.  

Alex is in her twenties and works in an office on the Terrace. She is surrounded by friends who love her, but she suffers from reduced expectations. Brunswick was the last thing she expected to find in her shower that morning. She has grown quite fond of him, but finds his essential optimism and purity of spirit exasperating, and, in the current social climate, bad taste. Her favourite album is ‘The 88’ by Minuit, and although she tells everyone her favourite program is 60 Minutes, she secretly dotes on ‘Gilmore Girls’.

Fitz is a pink, short, incredibly violent bunny. She possesses a dangerous combination of boundless energy and absolutely no conscience. She is currently working as a bouncer in the Cuba St area, but she also has political aspirations and is lead singer in the spectacularly dreadful death metal band ‘Myxomatosis’. She has also worked as a televangelist, a Neanderthal deity, and Prime Minister, with mixed results.
Finn has known Alex since school, and is protective of her in that well-meaning way that male friends have when they aren’t actually romantically involved with you. He is usually embroiled in complicated relationships with unsuitable girlfriends whom Alex disapproves of. His favourite book is ‘Fight Club’, which is really more of a novella, so if he’s trying to impress someone, he claims to be reading ‘The Bone People’. He has been trying for three years now, but never gets past page 15.
Mapplethorpe is a tiny dragon who loves jellybeans. He also likes throwing ten-foot long flames when he disagrees with (or of) you. His only discernable expression is ‘meep!’ Efforts to expand both his vocabulary and dietary parameters have been unsuccessful.
Leilani works with Alex, but is also a close friend. Their only disagreement is with issues of adrenaline –Leilani can’t get enough of it, Alex prefers chocolate. Leilani enjoys dangerous sports such as rafting and rock climbing, and is the only person or creature in this entire strip who jogs. She sometimes tries to set up Alex with her exes, which has never worked. She is a huge fan of Fitz’s band, although she can’t stand Fitz personally. An evening will always end badly once they begin arguing about chromatic scales and the proper context for using a Stratocaster.

Rick runs one of the more bohemian cafes in Wellington, bought from the proceeds of a freak number one hit in America he wrote years ago when he was in a Flying Nun band. The chef is his old band’s former drummer, and is somewhat bitter. Rick spends his days trying to stop the espresso machine from scalding the milk, and daydreaming about hosting a show on Juice TV.


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